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Leading The Digital Transformation

RAIJIN TECHNOLOGIES is your partner on your road to digital transformation,innovation & business intelligence through custom purpose-built software.

Tailor-fit for you

We firmly believe software is an asset that must be nurtured, tested and incrementally improved. Through our agile processes and our Development as a Service (DaaS) offering, we ensure that we build together software that meets and completes your business objectives. Continuous deployment allows us to test and get feedback from very early stages.

Business Intelligence

The whole added value of digitalisation lies in what you gain as a business owner. We focus heavily on automation of time-consuming tasks and on providing useful insights that allow you to monitor performance at a glance. This allows us to achieve process-innovation, where you can achieve more with much less manpower, time and effort.


We seek to disrupt an industry riddled with over-inflated prices, extremely slow processes and little to no business-alignement. Our Agile/Design-thinking approach focuses on tackling your business objectives directly. Complementarily, our DaaS & fast development allows us to incrementally and rapidly roll out features and test concept ideas immediately with our continuous deployment.

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Interested in developing a software project? Reach out to us by simply dropping us an email below and we will respond to you in record time!

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